The National Museum of the United States Army (NMUSA) is located at Fort Belvoir, a few miles south of Washington, DC.  After more than twenty years of development, four years of design, and nine years of fabrication and installation, the museum was completed in 2020, in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  The 56,000 square feet of gallery space included over 3,500 graphics, 58 audio-visual programs and interactives, and thousands of artifacts ranging from a WWII Sherman Tank to Civil War uniforms.  The museum is intended to honor and memorialize the service and sacrifice of the millions who serviced in the U.S. Army since its founding in 1775.

The nine exhibition galleries interpret the nation’s major conflicts including the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World War I and II, the Vietnam conflict, and the War on Terror.   Significant exhibits include a life-sized World War I diorama, a World War II troop ship disembarking soldiers into a waiting landing craft, and a Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle navigating through a destroyed Middle Eastern village.

D&P’s scope of work encompassed virtually everything seen in the galleries.  This included exhibit structures, archival casework and artifact mountmaking, immersive environments, cast-from-life figures, artifact restoration, graphic production, AV hardware, and gallery lighting.   We were also responsible for the installation of all electrical power and signal cable within the exhibit galleries to support our AV and lighting systems.