Crafting Signature Environments

Chargeurs Creative Collection is a unique network of autonomous partners and subsidiaries, providing a full suite of services to enable museums, exhibitions and brands to create immersive experiences that captivate and delight visitors.

Louvre, Paris

Serving Multiple Sectors

For over fifty years, our partners and subsidiaries have worked alongside clients, from museums, cultural institutions to corporate exhibitions and tradeshows, we help organisations from a wide range of sectors to realise their ambitions and bring their immersive environments to life.

MACAN Modern and Contemporary Art Museum, Jakarta

Services for every need

Every project requires a slightly different combination of skills and expertise. Chargeurs Creative Collection has assembled a network of partners and subsidiaries, specialist suppliers and artisans who work together seamlessly to deliver even the most complex projects.

Manchester United Experience, Macau

Our partners

We have established a network of the highest quality organisations in our sector. Our partners and subsidiaries operate autonomously, while gaining access to a growth platform that includes opportunities for collaboration with other companies, as well as access to the world's most ambitious projects.

Pierre Cardin at the Brooklyn Museum, USA

Our Awards

Our partners and subsidiaries hold multiple industry awards–testament to their tireless devotion to pushing creative boundaries, delivering complex high-quality projects and exceeding our clients expectations.

International Wetland Park, Hong Kong

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