An initiative from the King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy, Mishkat is an interactive science discovery centre developed to inspire the next generation of Saudi Arabian energy innovators. Mishkat combines hands-on exhibits, cutting-edge technology and electrifying events to create an enjoyable learning experience for visitors of all ages.

Working in partnership with National Talents, DesignPM led the project and construction management of this new interactive museum destination. DPM managed the various package procurement and contracts on behalf of the clients, and oversaw the design consultants. The entire project was undertaken in less than ten months and engaged specialist consultants and contractors from around the globe to deliver a modern cutting edge take on what a science centre can be.

Despite the need for 90+ interactive exhibits, the project approach allowed the design development to be run in parallel with the development, fabrication and installation of the exhibition interiors. This approach, as well as careful cost management, enabled the project to be completed on time and inside its allocated budget.