Rapenburg Technologies joins the CCC family.

Chargeurs Creative Collection is proud to welcome Rapenburg Technologies into our family; Adding their talents to our existing pool of experienced and knowledgeable family members, allowing us to be stronger, to the benefit of projects and our clients.

Rapenburg Technologies is an international and innovative team who specialises in multimedia, system design and development, and ShowControl. From their base in The Netherlands, RT operates within the museums, theatrical experiences, retail and architecture industries, along with large commercial enterprises like theme parks, exhibitions and large scale events. By combining the various disciplines of audiovisual solutions, lighting design and ShowControl, RT establishes a wealth of knowledge and experience within their team.

The foundation of RT’s work is creativity and, an innovative and adaptive approach to every project; visualising and thinking conceptually, supporting the stories their clients wish to narrate in their projects, delivering their visions into a reality.

RT’s designs and products provide dynamism to all projects. In addition to the creative elements of a project, RT provides full turnkey solution in the complete management and installation of control, audiovisual and lighting equipment. RT designs and programs complex AV and Control systems for lights, sound, video, presentation technology, movement and theatre installations.

RT’s services are never restricted; with a strong background in theatre and consumer experience, the foundation was established for a creative approach on every project RT delivers.

Over the years, RT has successfully delivered projects all around the world, from Las Vegas to Australia and from Sweden to Dubai.