The GRAMMY Museum engages visitors in the creative process of music-making and the history and evolution of all forms of music. The museum’s four floors of exhibits explore creativity in making music, the art and technology of the recording process, and the story of the GRAMMY Awards. The museum’s grand entrance folds years of GRAMMY Awards performances into a single sweeping media environment. Bold graphics and powerful GRAMMY music open to gallery spaces filled with films, artifacts, interactive exhibits using advanced multi-media technology, a 200-seat GRAMMY Sound Stage, and a changing exhibit space, all of which capture the legacy of recorded music and reveal its integration with, and influence on, social and cultural history.

D&P engineered, fabricated, and installed exhibitory, large-scale graphics, and an array of one-of-a-kind interactive media programs working with the producers, curators, and the client team from AEG Entertainment.