Sightsavers aims to eliminate trachoma, a disease that leads to blindness, by 2025. The organisation created ‘Blink’, an exhibition at the Oxo Gallery in London to help demonstrate how the disease erodes vision to blindness. Five award-winning photographers, Nick Knight, the late David Goldblatt, Kate Holt, Georgina Cranston and Tommy Trenchard, were selected to showcase work that highlighted what they would want to see before going blind. MET Studio was engaged to develop the visitor experience. They created the concept of diminishing sight, incorporating strong graphics that showed split shadows and dynamic lines, which led visitors through the space and amongst the artworks.  MET Studio created a high-impact yellow ‘Blink’ logo, drawing attention to the exhibition with application on local signage and along Waterloo bridge, with moving signage showing fonts that reduce with each new advert, also alluding to the gradual process of trachoma.
Research and interpretation for BLINK was undertaken by Barker Langham, one of the world’s leading cultural consultancies. LEACH was the fabricator for the exhibition.