Twelve exhibitions spread over c.7,900 sqm of gallery space, nearly 3,000 objects on display in over 500 archival display cases, 183 audio video treatments, over 15,000 gallery and showcase light fixtures, and nearly 10,000 individual graphic panels. Not since the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in 2004, has the Smithsonian Institution undertaken such a monumental task.

D&P was selected to produce all exhibit and AV elements just 20 months before the 2016 grand opening. D&P was tasked with organising, producing, and installing a seemingly insurmountable number of display decks, reader rails, electrical and signal cables, and countless exhibit support structures. In many ways, this is as much a story about project management as it is about production.

D&P’s scope included subcontracting the base build work performed within the defined exhibit space (mechanical, electrical, trade work, and flooring). The last 12 months of the project were dedicated to the fabrication and installation of exhibit components, media Software development and production, media Hardware, engineering, and systems integration, lighting design, Hardware, and engineering, graphics production and installation, artifact mount making and installation, and coordination with building systems, general contractors and building architects.