The Planning Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government worked with MET Studio to showcase the city’s planning and infrastructure vision and projects. The project was located in the Hong Kong’s City Hall Annex building, which was renovated and adapted to become an exhibition venue.

As a converted office building with low ceilings and a narrow footprint, the challenge was to create a dynamic experience in restricted space that would engage a wide range of visitors, not just planning experts.

To meet the challenges of the space constraints, the design looked to vertical as well as horizontal space connectivity. View paths were designed to link floors and spaces, revealing places that one might visit later, or that one had visited earlier.

The third-floor main show, which mixed projection mapping onto models with film presentation, represented one of the ‘must see’ features of the experience, whilst elsewhere a host of other interactive techniques were utilised to create engaging content that all ages could enjoy.

MET Studio worked on the project in collaboration with the client team, Architectural Services Department (ArchSD), CLA (Creative Lighting Asia), Hybrid and ihD. Fit-out works were completed by Hypsos.