The Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Centre is a new museum district within Kuwait and the first major cultural development of its kind in the country. Comprised of a cluster of connected buildings and a total of four museums, each building contains an array of permanent and temporary cutting-edge exhibits and artworks.
The Space Museum provides the visitor with a fascinating insight into the story of space exploration through interactive, multimedia and full size model installations which include a 12m long Hubble telescope, Mars Rover and Virgin Galactic replicas. Suspended over one of the two huge galleries is a 50+ metre long recreation of the International Space Station complete with solar arrays and a Canadarm remote controlled robotic arm with full sized EVA astronaut figure. Elsewhere the museum features a 100+ seat planetarium which uses state-of-the-art 8k video projection to deliver a dramatic, immersive and ultimately programmable filmic experience in multiple languages.

This entire museum was developed, constructed and installed in little more than two years from appointment of the main contractor.  DesignPM’s role included the design and management of a process that included the review of over 45,000 drawing and document submissions within a ten-day turnaround time.  This ensured that the contractor remained on programme and that the client was never exposed to a claim for delay.