Our Team

With over 100 years of combined experience, the Chargeurs Creative Collection leadership team provides support to the talented designers, dedicated client relationship managers and skilled craftspeople who are the heart of our network.


We provide leadership to clients and network subsidiaries and partners, as well as the expertise in creative direction, project management and business operations to ensure the successful delivery of the most complex projects.

Sampiero Lanfranchi

CEO and President, Chargeurs Creative Collection |

Sampiero Lanfranchi is the Managing Director of Chargeurs Museum Solutions and Advisor to the CEO of Chargeurs Group. He joined the Chargeurs group in 2017 as Director of International Development and Acquisitions and Advisor to the CEO. A lawyer by training, he is a member of the New York Bar and was formerly a member of the Paris Bar. He holds a DEA in international law from the University of Paris II, is a graduate of HEC, ESCP/EAP and the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Sampiero Lanfranchi started his career with an American law firm, then worked at a private equity fund in London. Before joining Chargeurs, he was a member of the Corporate and M&A department of the Parisian law firm De Pardieu Brocas Maffei AARPI.

Isabelle Lacour

Chief Financial Officer |

After a 9 years of experience in financial audit, Isabelle worked for 8 years as Chief Financial Officer for a French jewelry company with design, manufacturing and distribution activities that generated €120 millions in sales. She worked on the restructuring of the group, focusing on business transformation in a fast-paced environment with the development of the luxury business through acquisition and stores opening. For the past 3 years, Isabelle was in charge of Finance and Strategy for a French food franchise network – 500 stores under the banners Casino, Franprix and Monoprix, generating €1 billion in sales. She managed the acquisition of 130 stores. With over twenty years of Isabelle's experience, she aims to put her expertise and experience into growing Chargeurs Creative Collection.

Mili Spahić

General Secretary |

After ten years in the public sector at national and European level, in advisor and strategic and change management positions, Mili joined Chargeurs in September 2020. Since 2014, he has been Director of Cabinet and Deputy Director for Strategy of Public Health France, France's national public health agency. He aims to put his expertise and experience into structuring and growing Chargeurs Creative Collection, developing new opportunities and businesses. Mili is graduate of Sciences Po Lyon. As a specialist in comparative public policies, he teaches at VetAgro Sup and Sciences Po Lyon. He is the author of several articles and books in social sciences. In addition to Croatian and Serbian, his mother tongues, he is fluent in French, English and has some knowledge of Russian. Passionate about opera and sports, he sits on the board of directors of the French Basketball Federation.

Carol See

Sales and Marketing Director |

After many years working in biomedical research and running a London based Science Centre, Carol left the Academic world to join the Cultural and Heritage Industry. Carol joined Chargeurs Creative Collection, following her departure after serving for many years as Brand Marketing Executive for a privately-owned museum specialist company, responsible for developing marketing strategy and business opportunities for the company worldwide. With over a decade of experience and track record within the Cultural and Heritage Sector, Carol puts her expertise and experience into growing Chargeurs Creative Collection, developing unique opportunities for the network as the industry continues to grow. Carol is delighted to join this exciting adventure to bring a new commercial edge to projects, increasing the value of the network for partners, clients and stakeholders around the world.

Hugo Lafon

Corporate Development Manager |

Hugo joined the Chargeurs group, at the corporate level, in 2017 as a project manager, supporting the group's various activities on a day-to-day basis. Today, as development manager for Chargeurs Creative Collections, he works closely with the CEO and CFO of the network dedicated to creating end-to-end experiential environments. He supports the current growth dynamic by getting involved in corporate, business and financing development projects.

Employee Spotlight

The teams which make up Chargeurs Creative Collection are composed of the very best specialists in the world. All of these women and men have extraordinary track records of performance in their sectors, and now work together as one to deliver the world’s most sophisticated immersive experiences.

Mike Wilshaw

Head of Innovation at Leach |

Mike's degree and professional background is in product and industrial design. He also has an MBA and has worked developing and creating new and innovative products throughout his career. Leading Innovation at Leach means Mike's day-to-day work is in adapting and designing solutions for our customers in the retail, heritage, exhibition and museums sectors. Mike has also worked to develop Leach's own range of display and print solutions to deliver the quality and innovation that makes Leach a leader in its field.

Barbara Rayder

Director of Graphics at D&P |

Barbara supervises the Graphics Department staff at Design & Production and manages all graphics components of complex museum projects throughout all stages from concept design to final installation. She manages graphics fabrication budgets, graphics vendors and subcontractors, and adherence to schedules.   Barbara has been proud to have been part of work for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the National Museum of American Jewish History, the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, the National Museum of the African American History & Culture, numerous Smithsonian Museums, Presidential Libraries, as well as projects at Disney and Universal Studios theme parks.

Peter Karn

MET Studio Global Creative Director |

Peter is an award-winning creative director with over 18 years of experience at the cutting edge of the international exhibitions and experiential design sector. A strong believer in collaboration and building relationships both internally and externally and that first and foremost the creative’s job is to listen and then to innovate to create inspiring solutions that are unique to a brief but progressive for their audience and sector. Peter and his team at MET create experiences that make the ordinary extraordinary and strive for innovation and excellence in the experiential sector. Peter has developed and delivered exceptional experiential projects worldwide in both the cultural and commercial sectors and collaborated with many of the industry’s leading professionals.  

David Davis

Lighting Engineer / Master Electrician |

A licensed master electrician with nearly 40 years of experience, Mr. Davis plans and procures lighting and audio-visual hardware systems and supervises their integration and installation. He specializes in simplifying highly complex systems until they are easily understood, installed, and maintained. Over the course of his career, he has graduated from working with simple residential systems to more complicated and demanding commercial systems. Since joining D&P in 2013, he has provided significant contributions to a long list of high-profile exhibit projects, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) and the National Air and Space Museum (NASM).

Robin Rochford

Director at DesignPM |

With a background in Theatre and Production Management, Robin moved into the Cultural and Heritage Industry in 2004. Robin joined DesignPM in 2019, bringing a track record of delivering over 30 museum projects in different roles including consultancy, client-side and contracting. At DesignPM, Robin leads multi-disciplinary teams, taking full responsibility for delivering and exceeding our Client’s objectives. Motivated by the unique nature of museum projects, Robin enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to the complex and high stakes challenges inherent in large scale international Cultural and Heritage projects.

Corina van Piggelen

Procurement and Estimations Manager, Hypsos |

After her studies at the University of Utrecht, Corina joined Hypsos. Enthusiastic about the business, the commitment to quality and the teamwork at Hypsos, she has worked at Hypsos in Project Management and Procurement ever since. In 2018, she became head of the purchasing department, and just 12 months later also took on leadership of the estimating department. In her role as head of purchasing and estimating, Corina’s goal is to ensure the early involvement of subcontractors in order to obtain the best possible project propositions from a technical, creative and economic standpoint. While strengthening relationships with subcontractors and suppliers, and maintaining the Hypsos quality standards, Corina has built a culture of savings on procurement costs. Corina’s favorite projects are the ones with an extra level of challenge, such as The Olympic Journey, where Hypsos was commissioned by the IOC to install a temporary museum in the Royal Opera House within 36 hours during the London 2012 Summer Olympics.